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The Brook Forest Inn is a historic landmark with over 100 years of history.

In 1909 the Westerfield family filed a homestead claim on 350 acres where they built a small cabin that is now the main portion of our lounge and parlor rooms. Due to harsh conditions, sometime in 1911 the Westerfields abandoned the homestead and left the area.

In 1913 Edwin F. Welz, of Austria, and his wife Riggi of Switzerland, heard about the abandoned homestead. Upon inspection of the property they found the original cabin with a board nailed onto it that read “Brook Forest”. Reminiscent of their homeland in the Alps, they decided to settle on the land.

After renovating the old cabin, building some additional structures, planting crops and landscaping the grounds, they opened the Brook Forest Inn in 1919. The inn boasted every luxury for the times including running water, baths, electricity and could accommodate up to 130 people. In 1925 they began the addition of the dining room annex with two stories above the main building.Larry Cotton, Executive Chef

By 1935 the Welzs had built several guest cottages, a stable and swimming pool. The inn was open seasonally May through October and rooms started at $5.00 per night. The inn was well known for its horseback trips to Mount Evans, double tennis courts, swimming pool, livery stable, croquet grounds, horseshoe court and recreation hall. Unfortunately, almost all of these features are a part of the past, as pieces of the 350 acres were sold off after the passing of Edwin Welz in 1946.

On August 9, 2010 Jon and Melissa Barton took ownership of the Brook Forest Inn and began implementing plans to bring the inn back to an every day country inn establishment with a full-line, high quality restaurant. Our vision is very similar to the Welzs; we’re creating an enchanting retreat with excellent accommodations, fine dining and impeccable service.

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Listen to what people are saying about our fine dining restaurant Chandeliers, during the Warren Byrne Restaurant Show on Cruisin' 950?
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